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Our annual Tres Dias picnic is August 13th, starting at 12:00 noon. Location is
Camp Living Waters! Come join us as we celebrate 35 years!

There will be a white elephant auction, praise and worship, and many other fun activities!
Chicken, drinks (sweetened ice tea, lemonade, water), and cake will be provided! Also, paper products are provided.
Bring a yummy covered dish and a story to share about something that you remember from past weekends! Let's make this an awesome celebration!

It would be great to see all the earlier faces of AJTD and all the new ones too! A time of reflection of the 35 years God has blessed us with.

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Johnson, Post Weekend lead at: grammy4christ20@yahoo.com

Mark your calendars and please try to attend.

May God continue to bless the organization in abundance for many more years.

We are in need of people who have documented child care clearance for the closings. If you have clearances and are willing to help babysit at the closings, please contact Rebecca Shuster, AJTD Lay Director

Team Meeting Dates will be: August 27th, September 17th, October 8th

Men if you are interested in working the fall TD weekends, don't delay in submitting your desire to serve form. Please go to the weekend tab, click on Desire to Serve link and submit an electronic form. The teams fill up fast so don't delay!

**New location for the fall team meetings will be; Hope Community Church 1520 11th Street, Altoona PA

Next Secuela will be September 15th 2016 No Secuela in August due to the AJTD summer Picnic, held August 13th, Hope to see you there!!

Location: Bedford St John's UCC Church 144 West John Street. Parking along street with additional parking behind the church

Candidate Applications:

Reminder, All Candidate applications Must have a Candidate, and Sponsor form together as well as a deposit toward the Candidate fee before the applications can be considered for approval.
If you use the electronic online forms, please mail your deposit immediately so the applications can be put forth for consideration.

The current policy states the Candidate and Sponsor form as well as the deposit must be submitted before they can be considered for approval.
Thank you for understanding. This is the AJTD policy for recieving Candiate applications.

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Simply click on the link under the Weekend Tab called "Agape Meal Sign Up" Once you click on the link, you will see a page with a sign up sheet for both Men and Women's Weekends. You can sign up by clicking the link or you can also click on a link to view what others are bringing.


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Men's Weekend #72
October 13-16, 2016
Rector: JD Yoder
Assistant Rector: Glenn Shay

Theme: God sees me as flawless
JD's Scripture - Hebrews 10:14

Team Meeting Dates are:
August 27th, 2016
September 17th, 2016
October 8th, 2016

Team meetings are held at:
Hope Community Church
1520 11th Street
Altoona, PA

Women's Weekend #72
October 20-23, 2016
Rector: Savilla Peachey
Assistant Rector: Joy Stull

Theme: One Desire
Savilla's Scripture - Psalm 27:4 AMP

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2016 Weekend Dates:

Men October 13-16, 2016 ----- Women October 20-23, 2016

ALL MUSICIANS AND VOCALS: The AJTD Advisory Committee is trying to keep an up-to-date list of all musicians. Anyone who would be willing to go on the list please contact Nadine Deitle


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Reminder: Secuela's are held the 3rd Thursday of the month 7PM at St John's UCC Church, 144 W John Street, Bedford, PA. Secuela's are Pot Luck meals, please bring an item to share if you can.Secretariat will be held at 6:00pm an hour before Secuela for 2016
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Secretariat January 7th, 2016
Secuela January 21st
Secretariat February 18th
Secuela February 18th
Secretariat March 17th
Secuela March 17th
Secretariat April 28th
Men's Weekend April 14th - 17th
Women's Weekend April 21st - 24th
Secuela **April 28th due to women's TD weekend
Secretariat May 19th
Secuela May 19th
Secretariat June 16th
Secuela June 16th
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Secuela July 21st
Secretariat None scheduled for August
Secuela No secuela due to picnic
Picnic August 13th
Secretariat September 15th
Secuela September 15th
Secretariat October 27th
Men's Weekend October 13th - 16th
Women's Weekend October 20th-23rd
Secuela October 27th due to TD wknd
Secretariat November 17th
Secuela November 17th
Christmas Party December 10th, 2016

Secuela's are held the 3rd Thursday of each month 7PM at St John's UCC Church 144 W. John Street, Bedford, PA 15522
Remember Secuela's are pot luck meals, please bring something to share if you can.



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  • Author:
  • Submitted by Debbie Baker
Women's Rector # 71

Read Below Debbie Baker's report

Tres Dias Women’s Weekend 71

28 devoted women, 1 dedicated man and 13 candidates gathered in the valley of Camp Living Waters for yet another God filled weekend where sorrows and joys were shared and the love of God was poured out to begin or continue the healing process of the many battle wounds this life wields.  The team fluctuated a little as two were called off the team due to either personal or family illness. But God knew before I did that He would provide a replacement Martha when one cook team member took it upon herself to come to two of the team meetings.  I was blessed by her eagerness to experience all that the weekend had to offer by devoting herself fully to the team by taking part in critiquing the rollos, helping the Marthas with the detailed process of decorating  palanca bags and door tags, and offering her prayers throughout as well.  She truly reflected the heart of God when she graciously transitioned from the role of cook to that of Martha stating that she would gladly do whatever we needed her to do. And all of this after receiving a letter months earlier that we had such a large number of applicants for the team that we couldn’t use them all.  She took to heart the words in that letter that asked if she would consider supporting the team in other ways such as serving on the cook team. And that was exactly what she did.  This woman was a true example of Christian Community in Action and I am blessed to call her my friend. 
We had a wide range of candidates from ages 18 to  the mid 60s  but age was no deterrent to the bonding and blessings that took place.  We more mature women were as equally blessed by the energy, vigor, and raw emotion shared by our younger cohorts as they were by the wisdom, experience and hope poured out in the rollos and following discussions. 
The skills and giftings of our three wonderful Spiritual directors did not go to waste this weekend as  many sought out prayer and counseling for past hurts and answers to life’s questions.  It was truly an honor and a pleasure to have these three beautiful pastors serve on this weekend and I love each one of them more than they could possibly know. 
The boundless energy of the marthas serving this team was definitely needed as their fitbits clocked the numerous steps from conference hall to lodge as the leaves continued to fall all weekend and land on the door tags revealing the splendor of God’s creation in each of the team members and candidates.
The loyal table leaders were challenged to overcome the shyness and create a safe environment where the candidates could share the heavy burdens they were tired of lugging around through this life.  I pray that those doors remain open and that the healing process continues long after the glow of the Tres Dias weekend passes away. I am so very grateful for the hard work and dedication each one of my team members put forth to make this weekend all that God wanted it to be.
Kudos goes to the music team that continued to bless our socks off all weekend under the direction of our newest worship leader who rose to the challenge of heading up a wonderful group of ladies and our drummer to create music that even the angels were blessed by.
And while this may have been a first for some of cook team to serve in the capacity that they did, the food was just as delicious and plentiful this weekend as any other I have worked.  This team did Bruce and Max proud and not one of us left the table hungry or disappointed.  Fantastic job Cooks!
The outpouring of the community served this team well with the Way of the Cross Thursday night, prayers throughout the entire weekend, the agape meal and serenade that did not leave a dry eye in the house, palanca and the awesome support at the closing surely is a shining example of what our Fourth day should look like.
And while there certainly were many, many words being used on Weekend 71, my vocabulary and ability to use words in the manner she so deserves, fails me miserably when it comes to describing the experience I had with my assistant Rector, Savilla Peachy.  God truly knew what I and this weekend needed and He provided more abundantly than I could have ever imagined.  As so many of us from Tres Dias have said, the friendships forged here are often time forever ones and this is certainly one of them. 
God has use the experience of this entire process up to and including this weekend to touch, stretch and fill my heart beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  And as we talk about with our Fourth Day, when I left the weekend I had a much greater revelation in my heart that Sunday is never the end of the Three Days here with God and His family, but truly it is merely the beginning. 
I thank God and all of you for allowing and sharing in this experience with me. Debbie Baker, Rector TD#71




  • Author:
  • Submitted by: Jonathan Krumenacker
Men's TD #71

Read Jonathan's Article Below

Men's TD 71 weekend report

         I started the weekend with 27 Men on team. I started with 7 Candidates. I ended the weekend with 34 men who were and still are on fire for our Lord.

          The weekend was a miracle from the beginning. I was to be at drill for the whole weekend. I was able to make the drill up so I was able to be there.

          As we started the weekend many men were struggling with family issues & health issues. As was expected for a God filled weekend. As with many things my worries and fears of how the weekend would go was overwhelming. After prayer the feelings moved on.

          As the weekend started on Thursday night. The team pitched in to help one another, Music started off with a bang. The way of the cross went off without a hitch and made an impact on some of the men.

          Friday morning was a test point for the kitchen team and they passed with flying colors or should I say full bellies. Tables were assigned and we started. The table leaders did a flawless job with the candidates on their tables. Candidates grew in many ways throughout the weekend. Leaving no fear of how they would respond to the Holy Spirit. The Aux team stepped up and carried on all duties assigned to them.

          All weekend was just a movement of God. We were on time or a few minutes late for meals and other times we made up time and ended on time. This could only be explained as Gods hand in this weekend. The talks build on each other and smoothly worked on all the men on the weekend.

          I would like to thank the community personally for their support throughout the weekend, the aux team who stepped up in many ways, and the cook team who not only feed us but loved on us in many ways that truly touched us and me personally.

          Many words could describe this past weekend. This weekend was a work of God. Our ages ranged from 24 years old to mid 70s. Different walks of life much like the 12 disciples.  We all got a long bikers and non bikers, former military and flower children. Civilians and combat vets from different wars. Hockey fans from different teams. Believe me when I say that it matters. Somehow we all got along. Even as me being younger than most of the men there. I was respected in my position and was loved on by all.

          Friday and Sunday we had moments of reflection and support. Friday we did a moment of silence for Pastor Fred Flick. This was an emotional time for many on team. As it was for me in many other ways.  On Sunday they did a military apparition for many on team and a few of the candidates that were prior service.

          The closing on Sunday was amazing as the candidates showed and expressed what the weekend meant to them. This too was an awe inspiring part of the weekend as everyone waved and American flags.

          As I look back at weekend #71. All I can say is God had his hand in it from beginning to end. Everything went on time, everyone did their job. We laughed, cried and joked together. As I left the valley the last time as rector I felt a peace that my mission was a success and that the men who attended this weekend were touched and changed forever.

          I know this is long and bounces all over the place. As my last part of Rector for WKD #71. I close with a heartfelt I love all of you who supported me in this time in my life.

In the King of Kings service
Jonathan Krumenacker
Rector T.D. #71


Tres Dias Is

  • Admin
  • April 6th, 2016
Tres Dias Is...



A solid 72 hours spent in Communion with Jesus
Includes talks by Lay and Clergy speakers
To come away with a refreshed and empowered relationship with God
through Christ



Reunion Groups

Join us for fun food and fellowship.
Group Location Contact
Bedford Reunion Group
2nd friday of the month 6:30 pm Meal, 7 pm Grouping
Bedford St John's UCC Church
Judy Williams at jwillie1968@comcast.net
or Debbie Johnson @ 814-327-9327 grammy4christ20@yahoo.com
Claysburg Men and Women
2nd and 4th Monday
Contact Roger and Polly Grace
Altoona Reunion Group-Men & Women
4th Sunday of month 6:00PM
Contact Kim for more information at
McConnellsburg Reunion Group
2nd Tuesday each month 7:00 pm

Location, My Father's House
for more information; contact Randy Whetstone
Boswell Reunion Group
1st Tuesday of month 7:30PM
North Star Outreach Building
Center Street, Boswell
Contact: Mike Maurer

Tres Dias International

Learn more about Tres Dias

To visit Tres Dias International, go to http://www.tresdias.org or click here



Frequently Asked Questions

The Tres Dias team leading the weekend is composed of former attendees of a Tres Dias or similar weekend like Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus, who have volunteered their time for months of preparation by working and praying together as a unit.

There is presented in three days, the basics of the Christian life and the meaning of living the Christian ideal and its application in our daily lives. Tres Dias is centered around lay and clergy talks. Table groups discuss each talk. Discourse that develops from these discussions makes Christ's teachings come alive.

The basic atmosphere of Tres Dias is one of love, joy, Christian fellowship, singing, laughing, and worship. Tres Dias makes future Christian experiences more fruitful because it fosters a new revelation to the reality of Jesus Christ in our lives.

A Tres Dias encounter is completed only once in a lifetime. Therefore, it is not a substitute for a retreat, nor does it have the personal solitude of a retreat.

Who should attend a Tres Dias weekend?

Just as Christ meets you at your point of need, so Tres Dias is designed for those who desire to be strengthened in their faith and to be brought closer to Christ in their discipleship. Tres Dias is for Christians of all denominations. The weekend is not necessarily for new believers, but for those who understand God's grace. It is especially gratifying for those who are in leadership within the church.

There are weekends for men and women. Someone who has previously attended a Tres Dias or similar weekend must sponsor each attendee.

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